samedi 21 février 2009


Dove sei?
10 Mars 2009.
Hier encore j'en étais capable, j'en rêvais.
Que va-t-il se passer ce 10 Mars?
Je l'ignore. Je me sens défaillir.

Aspetto. Sono.

5 commentaires:

Paul Pincus a dit…

beautiful blog.

Leigh a dit…

Well I hope that it is something wonderful that will happen for you.

I love these types of images, dreamy dark, wonderful and inspiring.

Mademoiselle C. a dit…

Re Paul Pincus : Thanks a lot!
Re Leigh : It might inspire me a lot (if it happens...) Well,thank you!

Andy Warhol a dit…


The Man Who Knew Too Much a dit…

Wow. Very mysterious, love it.