jeudi 5 mars 2009

In a hurry

Dans la précipitation, un cliché et une chanson qui invitent au voyage.
Le tout sans jet lag.

[Le 10 arrive.]

3 commentaires:

The Man Who Knew Too Much a dit…

Oh GOD. I love the song!! Her voice is so laidback, woohooooo
I am nodding my head right now - and people staring strangely at me (library)

The Man Who Knew Too Much a dit…

OH GOD, I think I made a mistake... now I hear it is a brazilian song..... I think I have must heard a song from another site that was also opened up in a tab...... she sung French, so i automatically assumed it was playback from here hehe....


Mademoiselle C. a dit…

Ahah! It might have created a nice mix... Brazilian & French!;)