dimanche 26 avril 2009

Ciné - Domenica

Deux beautés.
 Les Amants ; Ascenceur pour l'échafaud de Louis Malle.

What a beautiful & cinematographic Sunday. 

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Anonyme a dit…

J'ai lu tout ces livres dans cette liste a exception de Paul Auster. Je ne comprends pourquoi il est lá...

Joyeux compliments!

Mademoiselle C. a dit…

Bonjour Fabulastic!
Il est là...parcequ'il est là, je l'adore, tout simplement.
C'est un de MES auteurs =)

Bonne journée!

The Man Who Knew Too Much a dit…

absolutely love this videoclip and the music of course.

Mademoiselle C. a dit…

The Man who's in Melbourne ;) :

If you find the occasion to watch the movie...it's a little "chef-d'oeuvre" as we say in french.
Nice day!

Leigh a dit…

Another great film to put on my list, yay :) Thank you!

Also the song that was in my video was from Crowded House, "Don't Dream its Over" :)


Mademoiselle C. a dit…

Thanks Leigh!! =) =) =)

The Man Who Knew Too Much a dit…

Mademoiselle C.
Thanks for the movie title, I will definitely try to find it and then watch it. :)